Aviator Fans for All Seasons

Aviator fans has been designed and built to suit any environment, from hot climate to cold climate, be it rain water or salt water Aviator fans will withstand all, every single motor that goes into an Aviator fan consists of solid copper that will withstand the test of time. As you scroll down below we have attached various images of all product details that is more understandable than explaining in text form, we have given clear images and details of how our fans are manufactured and what goes into our production. Our range of fans are easy to maintain, install and 100% energy efficient, apart for the design concept that exceeds expectations, our technology has been tried and tested by many professional engineers. Our fans come in three varieties that consists of the Natural wooden blades, the ABS Blades and the High Quality HDF blades, every single fan runs through 42 tests and final QC approval , and this is a cycle that ensures every component is QC tested during the test cycle. That is the reason clients World over prefer to purchase an Aviator fan than any other brand due to its reliability and brand name.

Time Tested Technology

Metal Canopy of Aviator Fan

Metal Canopy

Mettle Black Painting

Metal Canopy, built-in hanger

Copper Motor of Aviator Fan

Copper Motor

100% Copper

Metal cover, built-in copper motor

Plywood Blade of Aviator Fan

Plywood Blade

Optional Color

Superior solid wood blade, optional color

Glass Lampshade of Aviator Fan

Glass Lampshade

High Light Transmission

Glass lampshade, built-in LED light source

Low Energy Consumption & High Torque

Pure Copper Motor - Excellent Quality

What Our Clients Are Saying